Webinar On Feeding Canola Meal to Monogastrics

Feedstuffs hosted a one-hour webinar for swine and poultry nutritionists focusing on canola meal usage in monogastric diets. Respected animal nutrition researchers, Dr. Ruurd Zijlstra and Dr. Eduardo Beltranena, shared how recent research findings are creating new opportunities for feeding canola meal to swine and poultry.

Canola meal has long been considered an appropriate feedstuff for monogastric species; however, commercial diet formulation has often limited its inclusion in certain stages of production based on performance results seen in earlier literature. Dr. Zijlstra and Dr. Beltranena outlined how today’s canola meal is an excellent source of amino acids and how diet formulation based on digestible nutrients allows for optimal canola meal inclusion.

During the webinar, Dr. Zijlstra and Dr. Beltranena presented on practical applications for canola meal, and answered questions submitted by webinar participants.

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Click here to watch the webinar.