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Canola meal’s unique balance of amino acids is helping to optimize milk production in dairy herds all across North America. Is it right for your herd? This is where you and your nutritionist can find out.


Supporting canola meal research

December 18, 2014

At Canolamazing, we talk a lot about the research that is available when it comes to canola meal, and how this can help drive feeding decisions. But, where does this research come from? Enter the Canola Meal Dairy Research Team. This team is a network of research scientists who receive support from the Canola Council …Read More »

Canola meal: Not just for dairy cows anymore

December 17, 2014

Thanks to increasing consumer demand for canola oil, canola meal has become an abundant and efficient protein source for the global livestock industry. Canola meal has become popular for use in dairy rations, particularly in the United States. However, other parts of the livestock industry, such as the poultry and swine sectors, have been slower …Read More »

Canola meal a great match for high-forage diets

Whether due to a lack of feed availability, a shortage of available land, or high grain prices, more producers are looking at feeding high-forage diets and more byproduct ingredients. Those producers want to be able to maintain existing milk production levels with this changing diet, and new research shows that canola meal can help them …Read More »

Canola Meal on Tour

December 5, 2014

This fall was a busy time for canola meal. Canolamazing representatives traveled around the globe, both learning more about and educating on how canola meal can be used in all livestock nutrition, including dairy cattle. Check out some of the highlights: World Dairy Expo – Madison, Wisconsin The fall tour started with World Dairy Expo, …Read More »

Methionine supply shortage has dairy nutritionists looking in new directions

November 24, 2014

Amino acid balancing is finally mainstreamed, to the delight of dairy nutritionists everywhere. Balancing rations for intestinally available amino acids, rather than simply balancing for bypass protein, allows feed formulators to more precisely meet the nutrient needs of the dairy cow, and often at lower prices. Methionine and lysine are discussed the most often in …Read More »

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