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Canola meal’s unique balance of amino acids is helping to optimize milk production in dairy herds all across North America. Is it right for your herd? This is where you and your nutritionist can find out.


Lactation performance of cows on canola meal and soybean meal diets

March 5, 2014

What good is a protein source if it doesn’t maximize your cows’ milk production? Recently, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Nevada and the U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center studied the effects feeding canola meal and soybean meal had on lactation performance, and the results may not be what you’d expect. Sixty-four cows were …Read More »

Looking at all canola meal research to find value

February 27, 2014

Since canola meal was bred from rapeseed in the 1970s, dairy nutrition experts have been reviewing canola meal and studying its use as a dairy cow protein source, as well as how to best utilize it. In fact, there have been many studies looking at many different ration formulationsthat are recognized as official canola meal …Read More »

Feeding canola meal and dried distillers grains proteins to dairy cows

February 17, 2014

Two of the most commonly fed and easily accessible protein sources for dairy rations are canola meal and corn dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS). The two ingredients are often fed together in a single ration, but little is known about how they should be fed together, and at what ratio milk production is maximized. …Read More »

Replacing soybean meal with canola meal – in three different rations

February 6, 2014

Research reported in 2012 first noticed that crude protein from canola meal was used more efficiently than that found in soybean meal. With this new finding, investigators at the USDA Forage Research Center sought to compare soybean meal and canola meal in three different ratios of alfalfa-to-corn silage. The results of the research are reported …Read More »

Working with nutritionists on Jones Farms

January 28, 2014

When my dad first started our dairy, we had about 50 cows, and we were literally pushing alfalfa and grain off the back of a truck twice a day to feed them. As we grew and added cows, it became clear alfalfa and grain alone were no longer going to be enough to keep the …Read More »

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